The leaves are changing, and as they are shedding their old leaves (which in Beaufort isn’t seasonally exclusive) we are acquiring a new eatery.



A girlfriend told me of an adorable little new bakery/cafe. They have been open a couple of weeks and she raved about the biscuits and jam. You had me at biscuits.

I’ve been there to eat twice now. And between the fresh country-trendy decor and the bakery cabinet, I’m in love.

I have tried the bakery items (a sweet potato whoopie pie with bourbon marshmallow cream), I have tried the breakfast (a pimento cheese and bacon omelet). I have tried the lunch ( a beef burger, topped with pulled pork and cheese). The sides both Gouda and Parmesan grits, homemade bread and butter pickles, and of course those tiny little biscuits with the table jam (peach/ apricot with sliced almonds), they are all fresh, and flavorful.

Go check it out, they are open breakfast and lunch and are located where the old “friend green tomatoes” was, at the quality inn.



One thought on “Burlap

  1. Wow – sure want to check out this Burlap bakery next time I’m down there! Is it expensive? Wish we had a place like that here – the college girls love to gather for coffee and read the Word/or ministry bk – they’ll come here Fri afternoon for “Little’s Latte’s” 😉 Love Chloe’s pigtails – so cute! BTW – I’m getting the blues coz w haven’t been together in so long! Looking at our grandkids pics in the book you created underscores my aching to spend time w/those kiddos.

    Am I right in recollecting that there’s no way you’ll make it to TX for the wedding? We’re (w/Ben) leaving Oct 23rd –returning the 26th. Andrew can’t make it either – I think he has fall break the 14th & 15th. When does Eli have a fall break?

    Ben’s working 10pm – 5am a couple more weeks w/our friend Tom, laying tile floors at the Barracks’ Krogers store. Had to get him darkening window covers so he can sleep in the day (yea for Craigslist $10). I hope he’ll get more inspired to return to school.

    Tim’s going to MS for work the next few days; be back Fri. The church is coming here for dinner Fri night. Then I’m going to MD for a BD celebration for my Dad’s 79th. Don’t know if Tim will go. My sister wanted us to do a picnic north of Frederick – a 3 ½ hr drive for me – but the gov’t shutdown affects state parks. So we’re not sure where we’ll end up. I may spend the night.

    Denise, Mom & I will have our annual time at Lydia’s cabins Nov 10th – it’s cheaper Sun night. Hopefully we’ll have falls leaves left on the trees – or maybe a freak snowJ We’re just starting to get some good color on the trees. There was hardly any color when Tim & I went to the Berkshires. Oh well – beautiful temps though.

    Enough chitter chatter – Let’s talk about a visit soon. HUGS TO YOU ALL! Mom/Karen/Gma

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