Celebrating Six Years

Last night my husband and I celebrated six years of marriage.

In six years there are many lessons I have learned, and lessons I really should have learned but refuse to learn.

People have always made marriage look scary, unappealing, and like it is some sort of death to any sense of freedom or social life.  Not true.

Its not hard to love.
It is hard to love everything about everyone.
Its not hard to live with someone.
Its hard to live with their habits.
Its not hard to care for someone.
It is hard to care about everything they say all the time.
Everything is a two way street.

I sometimes get insecure, unsure that we are doing this right. I see other relationships and they do things way different. And there is the problem. I have a horrible habit of comparing.

If it is so easy for me and us to be individuals. And celebrate each other for who we are, why would it take so long for me to understand that our relationship is an individual one, and not to be lumped in with each and every other relationship with similar characteristics. Its actually disrespectful to our union to not recognize it for what it is, solely ours.

Once learned. Marriage hasn’t been scary. Or boring. Our social lives aren’t lost. And I can’t think of anything more appealing than being with my spouse for the entirety of our lives.

It has only been six years, and so much has happened. I’ve been so lucky to share it with someone who appreciates my unique view on the world. Who is as excited about life as I am.

I am happy he challenged my views and showed me a view I was once opposed.

And you could get why “Such Great Heights” was our wedding song.

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