Four day weekend.

This past weekend we had a four day weekend, with Friday and Monday off of school for my six year old. He has been so good lately that we wanted to reward him. So we sent him off on his own adventure… two states away.

To grandparents house we go.

When I was a child there was nothing I loved more than my grandma. So much so, I would cry after vacations when it was time to leave. I had watched both my kid experience this after Christmas break when it was time for grandma and grandpa to go home. It’s heart breaking.

Knowing how much my son values his grandparents, we arranged a mid-North Carolina exchange. He would get his grandparents all to himself. No competing with his adorable baby sister for attention. Time to be as it was only a few years ago. The only grandchild (and nephew).

I love that my mother in law is a picture fanatic like I am and she could share special moments with me. I was worried about him being so far (8 hour drive) away, or once getting there he may become demanding and bratty. When I called and got the report. The whole thing went smooth and he was so happy.

Being military. Who knows how long we have the opportunity to be where we are.
8 hours from everyone. Much better than 3 days drive.
So grateful.

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