A week later and I will finally post some pictures here.

Sadly its just so much easier to mass upload and share on facebook.

I only had 33% battery because…. me. So I had limited shots.

I picked out my favorites shots I snapped behind the scene.










I think I was in a mood because I wasn’t emotionally connecting with my shots.

It was a rainy day with lots of down time. That didn’t stop it from being an amazing show! If you want to hit the link above for my facebook page you will find many albums from many  photographers of all the colorful fun highlights.

I enjoyed the two shows I walked in so much. First show we didn’t have to wear shoes ( a models dream come true), and second designer wanted lots of carefree movement. I’m carefree and wiggly. It was fun as always. Savannah has such a wide range of great boutiques and local designers. If/when we ever leave this area I will certainly miss its charm.


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