Faceless Project

So a couple of months ago I went to my first RAW artists showcase in Richmond to support a photographer that I love. (Jyoti Sackett). When I got home, not really knowing wth I was doing I submitted some works and was selected for the Atlanta show case which is a week from now.

I didn’t just want to show things I have already done but also what I can do or rather what I want to do.

I originally started this faceless project to strip women of their identities and make them objects. To literally objectify women. To show that we are objectified and we may also do that to ourselves sometimes more than we know. In the series, there are masks, hats, books and cameras covering faces. I want people to look at each photo and take their own message away. In some scenes I set up in my head long before I shot them and I know what they mean to me. While I am wanting to make an obvious point, I want that point to be interpreted by the individual the way they see it. While I should have an opinion, I want the viewers opinion to be equivalent whether complimentary or opposing.

I have always wrote, taken pictures, painted, created whatever I felt. I wanted to create an actual focused series this time and not like anything editorial I had done before.

When you sign on to do a RAW showcase for the first time you are pretty much saying, “Yes, I think I know 20 people who would support my show.”- which to me was the biggest things I have been unsure of. I am not one to try to accumulate fans but I realize [sadly] if  I want to do this more than as a hobby, in our society I have to sell myself as much as my art. That freaks me out. But what can you do. I am looking to this experience next week as one of the biggest learning experiences in my life.


Here is a tiny taste of what you would see at RAWartists Revolution on May 22nd at Terminal West at 8pm. Today is the last day for discounted tickets that are in support of your favorite artist. To support me you can buy a ticket here: www.rawartists.org/starladawn

Dancing Swine

Dancing Swine II


Against a Wall

Arms Wide Open


So that’s a few varieties of what you will see. Many more less “creepy” images available. At the show I will be selling originals with no intention to duplicate or reprint. Whats the point in having a piece if everyone else has it too.

I have  put some stuff on REDBUBBLE for purchase but those won’t be signed and numbered images. Obviously.

Now I get to get all the prints for the show ready, my set up display ready, lighting, hanging things, prints to sell, backdrop for photos to be taken at the show. The heat is on.  Hotlanta.




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