Get to the beach!

So it’s kinda weird that all the times my father-in-law has visited and we haven’t gone to the beach once. Whats wrong with us? So this time the parents were only in for an extended weekend and a last minute planned trip.
We were blessed with perfect weather!





So as always our beach of choice is Hunting Island. Great parking, less crowding, and a beautiful drive. It feels like going to the beach should, fun and relaxing.

Most important part. So on the drive we have passed the Foolish Frog restaurant 100 times and I honestly thought it was more like a run down pub. I have yet to learn the lesson of not judging a book by its cover, especially in the lowcountry.
Foolish Frog is waterfront dining on the higher end, low country inspired, spectrum. We are talking a minimum $20 entree.
The food was fantastic!


Frogmore stew pot is a lot of food, peel and eat shrimp, so if you like getting your hands dirty this dish is for you, and is a classic lowcountry dish.




So I generally get shrimp and grits. This time no one at our table ordered them but we all chose a seafood dish. Pictured above is an Asian style salmon, crab cakes, and my dinner was a blue cheese shrimp pasta. The blue cheese is strong and heavy so this is for the hungry blue cheese lover. Pair it with wine to add more acidity to cut the creaminess.


We ended with the famed peanut butter pie. The six of us shared this and that was plenty of pie for us. It was nice velvety but thick, and extremely sweet. If you wanted to be a gluten maybe ask for more salted nuts and you can probably handled half of it by yourself.

I would stop again, could be a lovely date night spot after hitting the beach.

If you have been to Hunting Island, what’s your favorite grub stop on the way home?


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