Tiny Fashionista

Or this post could be titled: Bored and it’s too hot and humid to go out before 7 p.m.

So what happens when I am going through my craft closet and pull out my cardboard backdrop just to get it out of my way.

“I wanna take pictures”- C

“OK, let me get my camera”

so we pull out the rest of the props and settle on a wreath from Christmas, a black curtain that I use for beach shots, and my green chloe 016fake plant from the attempted Radiohead series.

Of course, if she gets to be in pictures she gets to wear make up… I let her wear a little Arbonne CC cream, some powder (she loves) by E.L.F., and her favorite thing in the whole world is *MY*(she thinks it’s hers) Be a Bombshell Red Lip Crayon. I don’t remember loving make up so early, but I LOVED to get my hair done. She is the opposite. However the girl was blessed (or cursed for some) with thick eyebrows, thought it’d be fun to put some gel in them. Watch out Cara Delevingne! She is coming for your job.

Not really.

6% battery life. that’s about how long a child will last in front of a camera.

So while it’s fun while it lasts. I totally have more fun making the sets with the kids. My son however is an awesome assistant, so helpful in making sure everything is in the right place. He wants his shoot next. We may test out a new location with him later this week and I can find my way out of my monochromatic habit.


Don’t think that you need a fancy camera to take memorable photos of your kids. Play around and practice with your point and shoot. Learn how to master the white balance setting to control your light, if you have level and grids to help make sure you have straight composition, use them. This is my favorite feature on any camera. Without that feature I can’t take a straight picture. Read up on the rule of thirds. Don’t be afraid to get creative. You may lose a good portion of your snaps to horribly blurred images, bad timing, etc. But the ones you get are gold. Experiment and don’t take it too seriously. It’s supposed to be fun and interesting not stressful. If you are stressed your kids will pick up on that. So have fun! They are only little once!




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