Virginia- Day 2

Tuesday we got to meet up with some of our military family that moved to Virginia in November.

We spent the day in Charlottesville doing some of my favorite things to do one the downtown mall.

The recipe for a perfect start to your day? Splendora’s 9am bambino cones of gelato and tall lattes, of course.

Next a free trip to the Discovery Museum thanks to the Blue Star program.

Lastly lunch at my favorite pizza place: Christians Pizza.

It was a day focused on the smiles of children for sure.  And when the kids are happy the parents are happy.

2 thoughts on “Virginia- Day 2

  1. Reblogged this on Emerging Adulthood and commented:
    It has been a busy week, so I am going to take a cheat day this week and reblog my good friend’s post about our day with them in Charlottesville! It was so much fun, and she was kind enough to snap some beautiful shots of everyone!

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