Transformation Tuesday

I have always wanted to be blonde.

But because my hair is naturally so dark many stylists weren’t willing to take on the challenge of possibly ruining a models hair. And about four years ago I had a friend try to bleach my hair and ended up at the ER that night with blisters, had to but vasaline on my scalp and wrap my head for a few days.

So then there was also my reluctance.

But recently the mental would had healed and I have been into this whole pastel hair thing. I am obsessed with lavender hair!

First step blonde.

And like all the luck in the world, after I was selected for the Marc Jacobs Art of Great Fashion show, my agent said they wanted a short haired blonde and asked if I would. She already knew I would be a yes! I love changing my hair! and I was dying to be blonde! (get it?!) sorry.

Rob’s Salon was doing all the hair for the event. They had set me up with Emily who took me from a dark brunette to a platinum. (End of April 2014)


The look was completed a couple of days before Savannah Fashion Week and still had a slight lavender silver tone,  which I accepted with wide open arms.

Courtesy of Savannah Unplugged

Courtesy of Savannah Unplugged

A few days later it was show/shoot time at the Jepson Center and all the toner was gone. There I am with a blonde pixie. And I’m never looking back!



Photo by Pablo Serrano

Then came the up keep.

A good blonde is tricky and thankfully had a stylist recommended product that I am IN LOVE with and works wonders.


The product Blonde Angel enhances color by basically using color theory to cancel out the yellow.

Truth I went almost 8 weeks between appointments most recently and my new stylist asked if I had colored my hair myself between and I had not. This helped maintain a beautiful blonde.

Now there were mistakes in upkeep and I made the mistake of not going to Rob’s because it is an hour away. I went somewhere local and had come out with blue hair.  I hid my hair and cried a lot. But that was no problem for my stylist Stevie at Rob’s. She did an awesome color correction. SAVED MY LIFE! Or at least my hairs life.


saved just in time for a photo shoot and a wedding. (Mid June 2014)

Photo by Anthony Lewis

Photo by Anthony Lewis



And after all was said and done and my roots were out of control, I made sure to make the drive and stick to the stylist who knew and saved my hair. But this time with a little change.

Enter the pink mohawk!



10317589_10204318786595145_1108840994976831250_o (1)


And I love it, although I did have to purchase a blow dryer and round brush to be able to style it. Yes I know. What kind of girl doesn’t already have those items? The kind that generally doesn’t care what she looks like :p

Can’t wait to see all your transformations!

My hair idol:




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