Having Katie

Made the mistake of not paying attention in using our old phone to make the post it was signed into my old WP podcast account. Do forgive.

Respected In Heels - The Podcast

Since our two week vacation ended and we were making the drive back home to boring old regular adult life, I thought I would take a few more weeks of our summer and mix it up.
My brother has three kids between 6 and 12 years old. Leaving Alabama with one small center space between the car seat  and the booster, I thought we could fill it and our time home with a little more family.
When we lived in California people came out of the woodwork and from the hills to visit even though where we lived was…. Well it was not much to visit. Since we have been in South Carolina for two and a half years, other than my mother a couple of times to help with kids while I went out of town and my husbands parents pretty regularly… No visitors. Other than the strangers we…

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