On the first day of Crockery…

Huffington Post gave to me….

An alleged 52 Slow Cooker Recipes that I’ll never want to live without.

So I decided to investigate this claim because to be truthful I have never had anything come out of a crock-pot that was inedible. For terrible cooks like myself, its the one way to not screw up basic home cooking.

So I challenged myself to cook the meals this week (M-F) from the list the HuffPost has provided and i’m sure so many of you have “pinned” at one point or another.

Tonight’s Recipe: #22 Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki (recipe by Cooking Classy)

I made this with my pickiest kid in mind, he likes very few things but we have finally got him to try “brown sauce” at Thai restaurants and Teriyaki when we go for hibachi or sushi. So truly the only opinion that mattered was his.

It passed.

firstday 004

I garnished mine and my husbands with Sriracha. The sauce is pretty sweet, of course the kids like it!

I’m not sure if I let it “cook too long” but my chicken look much more shredded than the original photos from Cooking Classy.

firstday 005

Also the step with the cornstarch and the water to simmer down and make a glaze. I may leave out a half cup of water next time because my glaze, after much “light boiling” didn’t really change texture. However it didn’t change the taste.

firstday 006

Lastly, I paired it with the Sam Adams Escape Route, it’s a limited release Kolsch style, that really brought out the orange marmalade flavor in the Teriyaki sauce.

Chances are we will probably make this again…. but can we live without it? eh. sure.


And as always I am not paid to post this stuff, blah blah blah, no sponsor, just what I like to eat and drink and try.

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