My RAWards Campaign

Last year I participated in a RAW Artists showcase in Atlanta.

Every year they have a competition for the artists who participated and award the top artist in each category.

I participated as a photographer and showed my #facelessproject  in Atlanta in May.

Since then, I have been working on many projects but with some help I could work on many more.


This week nominations are being made. To vote (daily) go to

You do have to register and if you are not an artist you leave the bottom questions about your craft blank.

The way it works:

This week (feb.1- feb.7) you can vote daily. The top 3 voted nominated artists in each category goes before a panel and it’s all out of our hands from there.

So out of the 82 other photographers who showed in Atlanta last year I am asking you to vote for me.

These prizes are career launching and honestly I could use a good launching. Just moved to an area where the art community doesn’t even know I exist.

Here are the prizes:


So for the campaign, I am flooding all my media options. I have a themed instagram this week which I will be sharing through my twitter and facebook.

My instagram themes this week:

Sunday (today): Since I don’t do sports pics, I will be showing Homecomings vs. SeaBirds to adhere to a Superbowl type theme.

Monday: Model Monday- I will be showing my favorite fashion images from my favorite models I have shot.

Tuesday: BTS Tuesday: It’s all Behind the Scenes. Some of my favorite work comes from being a fly on the wall.

Wednesday: which is usually reserved for #WCW or Woman Crush Wednesday but why not deface the American idea of beauty standards by exhibiting my Doll Parts Series.

Thursday: And for the #tbt or Throwback Thursday we will showcase my film work. My love and passion for my 35mm double exposures and my growing education in 120 film.

Friday: Family Friday! I can’t always afford to shoot models and my real inspiration is generally my family. I shoot my kids and families a lot. I try to capture those moments that may be easily forgotten but show the true personality of an individual.

Saturday: The last day for voting! Finish Strong Saturday. If I make it to the top three, these will be the images the judges see. So I will try to put my best foot forward. I will put my most awarded and best selling images up for my profile.


What way can you help other than voting? You can share! Share on facebook, instagram, by email!

Thanks for supporting me this far! Fingers crossed and best efforts forward!

🙂 ❤

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