Packing Light

We are getting ready to fly cross country tomorrow, and I have to tell you I’m a little nervous. I have one lap child and one, four year old (almost five).
My thoughts are I want my hands to be free because kids themselves are hand fulls.


So all three of us are packed into one bag since I will be lugging them myself. Yay! For wheels!  Not only does this cut down on space and lugging it also cuts down on cost.


I’m taking a back pack…as you can see I haven’t wore a backpack since high school…like a lady, when I hike I like other people to carry my stuff. Lol or like a lazy. Whatever.


The backpack is loaded with diapers,whipes, a nursing cover, a blaket for the three of us (airplanes temps are so unpredictible), some doodle things and magazines both for the kids and myself. The front pocket is loaded with handy snacks.


Other than that I have my regular 8th grade purse and my son his back pack full of tag books and his tag reader (best “toy” ever) and a change of clothes because well…accidents happen.

Over all I think we are well prepared. I am sure snags will happen and tears will be shed… mine or theirs, but its completely doable.
We have a couple of layovers and I feel like they should go smoothly. I think its most important for me to remember to keep calm. I don’t know what it is about airports but they tend to bring out the worst in people.

Have tips for traveling with kids? Let me know. I love tips and tricks that make life easier.

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