Hearts Apart

Just yesterday we had our pre-deployment family photos done.

The photo session was with Jack Alterman. Who himself has served in the armed forces.

Theses photos were completely FREE to us because of a fantastic organization called Hearts Apart

It was simple. I actually came across the site while trying to learn more about a deployed spouse group here on our base that meets weekly, whose meeting name is Hearts Apart. I clicked on the link and started reading and Thought this is an amazing thing, I didn’t even know that something like this existed. Out of all the know-it-all spouses I’ve met none of them have said anything about something even close to this.

The organization provides servicemen and women, who are deploying soon, with family photo sessions completely free of charge. They then make little waterproof photo cards it fit in the service persons pocket so that person always has their family with them.

Considering this is our first deployment and we (as I’m sure every family does) hate the thought of being a part for that long, we applied. I was promptly emailed back saying that they would try to find a photographer to work with us, near us and on such short notice. In a couple more weeks, I received an email with info about the shoot, and wouldn’t you know things fell into place the weekend before he leaves.

Currently the organization is nominated as a top 20 finalist in the Joining Forces Challenge. I encourage you to go to the Hearts Apart website (via link at top) or to learn more and/or support what they are doing for military families. Also Vote. Its easy, and you can do it via facebook login, which I always find makes things easier.

“We were nominated as one of 20 finalists for the Joining Forces Community Challenge through First Lady Obama and Jill Biden.  Out of almost 300 submissions of non-profit organizations, we were recognized as being an organization that supports military families during the trials of deployment.

The voting is for the People’s Choice winner. There will be five other categories we will be judged on.  The link is below, encourage every one to vote today and every day. We are in third place right now, voting ends on March 16th.  We want to finish up strong!!! It only takes a minute to vote, when clicking vote, it will ask you to either sign up of login.  You can login with a facebook page or you can sign up if you don’t have a facebook page.  They only ask for your name and email and to create a username and password when signing up.  After that you can login to your account every day to vote.”- Mary Heath

I am in no way encouraged to encourage you to support this organization, it just that my family and I enjoyed our experience so much that I thought I’d share.

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