Third Birthday/ Christmas

A little late, but I finally installed WordPress on my new phone. So hopefully I will be making posts every Wednesday.

This Christmas/ C ‘s third birthday we had my in-laws here to celebrate with us. While my husband’s work schedule differed from mine, Christmas was one day we both had off together.

We didn’t think to do too much extra this year as most people are out of town and with their own families. Thankfully it really doesn’t take much effort to please a three year old… nothing a $20 helium tank from Wal-Mart and $6 cupcakes from Publix can’t fix.



Lights and balloons and presents, oh-My! Why wouldn’t a Christmas birthday be fantastic? Extra presents, people you love… and after all of the celebrating we took a stroll out to Sands Beach in Port Royal and went to the tower at the end of the boardwalk. We were lucky enough to spot a couple of packs of dolphins… not lucky enough to get a clear photo on my phone.

Now it’s a New Year. We didn’t do anything spectacular. We just fell asleep on the couch watching the two chocolate factory movies, waiting for time to watch the ball drop but waking at 12:30am to see we had missed it. The kids were oblivious and no feelings swayed in either direction.
I am beginning to think the less effort you put into having these memorable special moments, the easier they come.

Happy New Year! Many great adventures to your family!

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