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Free Writing

This is free writing… no travel pics, tips or ideas this time.   Today I spent a small portion trying to clear my head, my head has been swimming and spinning  with all that’s occupying it’s attention. My big issue now is that I have been given some opportunities and in reflect on these opportunities I realized that i’m burned out. … Continue reading

Expectations of Deployment

Now that we’ve had our homecoming, a huge weight is lifted and we can reflect on the past number of months.   In the beginning of deployment, I, along with the other gals of hearts apart, made a “dream board” based on what we wanted to accomplish during the deployment. My board was as follows: … Continue reading

we are restricted to weekends.

So you may have noticed, I am getting behind on posts. Obviously school has started and is taking its toll on our free spirits. Between my sons school schedule and the new policy about missing days, it’s hard for us to take off, we are limited to weekends which I now use for things that … Continue reading

Traveling without…

I am gearing up this weekend and as you may recall from earlier posts that my travel buddy is still deployed. Now I have a job which is requiring travel and my kids can’t come. This may sound like a vacation and I’m trying hard to see it that way but I can’t help but … Continue reading

Five years earlier…

Five years earlier…

I was welcoming our new baby boy to our tiny little low-rent upstairs apartment. I was a young twenty year old mother, and my then boyfriend had just turned 22. We were excited. Not near as clueless as you would think. We took all the classes that were offered. We took turns with everything. D … Continue reading

Mother’s Day

I forgot that I wanted to post a pod cast from my favorite radio show. As I was about to write about my almost- nervous breakdown that I had on Mother’s Day, and the one sweet moment vs. the just terrible, terrible moments. The question arose… are these kids trying to kill me? Well, they … Continue reading

Essere Magazine

In April, when my son had his spring break, you may remember that we went to Virginia to stay with our friends in the Virginia Beach area, and our family in Charlottesville. While we were in Charlottesville I contacted a photographer I had the pleasure to work with on her vintage inspired series last summer. … Continue reading

Staying busy but not with travels.

I have named May “money saving May”. So with gas prices being the way they are and me being the way that I am, I have cut out most travel and restaurants. Obviously this excludes the occasional mini strawberry milk shake from Sonic. It seems that I read there is a kazoo factory in town … Continue reading

Not Just Literally

I feel like i’ve created a few hundred blogs (3 or 4) but they all fail…  I don’t update often. I feel like when starting a blog you are forced to pick a theme or something along the lines that you will always talk about, like the title of your blog must be directly connected … Continue reading